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BRIDGEWATER , ELISHA MIMMEL October 29, 1915 – September 22, 1988

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Elisha Mimmel Warren Bridgewater

Elisha Mimmel Warren Bridgewater was born on Friday, October 29, 1915, in Crothervilles, Jackson Co., Indiana, and died on Thursday, September 22, 1988, son of Elmer Elsworth Warren [Sept. 30, 1876-Oct. 13, 1956] and Eunice May Bridgewater [Feb. 22, 1882-Feb. 4, 1921] and adopted son of Elisha Thomas Bridgewater [Feb. 2, 1880-Sept. 1948] and Mary Florence Crum [May 4, 1890-July 12, 1954].

In 1920, Mimmel’s uncle/adopted father, Elisha, was working as a drayman in the elevator business. He and Florence were renting a home on Davis Street in Scottsburg. Living with them were three of Florence ’s brothers, Herman, George, and Harry Crum. Mimmel was elsewhere.

By 1930, Mimmel was living with Elisha and Florence and attending school. Although the family owned a modest home on Main Street , it was the Depression and times were difficult. In addition to taking in boarders, Mimmel’s father was working odd jobs; his mother was a seamstress in a shirt factory.

Mimmel married Madalyn Glenn Carr, a daughter of John Carr and Grace James. She was born December 5, 1920, in Holstein, Ida Co., Iowa , and died September 20, 2003, in Scottsburg, Scott Co., Indiana . Both Mimmel and Madalyn are buried in Scottsburg Cemetery .

Mimmel and Madalyn had the following children:

  1. John Thomas Bridgewater
  2. James Michael Bridgewater
  3. Dean Bridgewater
  4. Lucinda Grace Bridgewater
  5. Genny Bridgewater

Source References:

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14 January 1920, renting on Davis Street


75. Bridgewater Elisha, head.  M W 39, married; b. IN; parents b. IN; Drayman, Elevator

76. -------------- Florence , wife, F W 29, married; b. IN; parents b. IN

77. Crum Herman, Brother in law, M W 20, single; b. IN; parents b. IN; Painting

78. ------- George, Brother in law, M W 17, single; b. IN; parents b. IN; attended school

79. ------- Harry, Brother in law, M W 15, single; b. IN; parents b. IN; attended school

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12 April 1930, owner of property on South Main Street valued at $1000; did not own a radio


20. Bridgwater Elisha T, Head, M W 50, married at age 27; b. IN; parents b. IN; Laborer, Odd Jobbs

21. ------------- Florence C, wife, F W 39, married at age 17; b. IN; parents b. IN; Seamstress, Shirt-factory

22. ------------- Mimmel, son, M W 14, single; b. IN; parents b. IN

23. Righthouse Fred, boarder, M W 46, single; b. IN; parents b. IN; Laborer, Odd Jobbs

24. ------------- Calvin, boarder, M W 78, unknown; b. IN; parents b. IN

None of the adult males were veterans of U.S. military or naval forces.

A Crum family in America

Historical information, genealogical data, coat of arms, biographies: typescript; Crum, Ferris B., Oak Park , Ill. 1985, pp. 103, 187

Scottsburg Cemetery, Scottsburg, Scott Co., Indiana

Mary Florence and Elisha are buried in Lot 286.

1994 and 2000 Directories

Mimmel Bridgewater, 688 S. Main St. , Scottsburg , IN maintained by his widow.

Social Security Death Index

Mimmel Bridgewater, b 29 Oct 1915; d 22 Sep 1988; res. Scottsburg, Scott , IN 47170 ; SSN issued Indiana

Photograph courtesy of Mimmel’s granddaughter, Michelle ( Bridgewater ) Knight.

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