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BRIDGEWATER , ELISHA THOMAS February 2, 1880 – September 1948

Published in The Chronicle, Scottsburg, Scott Co., Indiana, September 16, 1948, p. 1, col. 3

Elisha Thomas Bridgewater

Elisha Thomas Bridgewater was born February 2, 1880, in Gibson Twp., Washington Co., Indiana, and died September 1948 in Scottsburg, Vienna Twp., Scott Co., Indiana . He was a son of Samuel Bridgewater and Martha E. Ross. Elisha was a short and stoutly built man with grey eyes and dark hair. At 20, “Lish” was boarding in Jackson County , Indiana , and working in a saw mill. About 1908, he married Mary Florence Crum, who was born in May 4, 1890, and died July 12, 1954, daughter of Joseph L. Crum and Anna L Feeler.

In 1910, Elisha and Florence were living with Florence ’s widowed father and brothers, Elmer, Earnest, Herman, and George. Elisha was working for a steam railroad. In 1918, he was employed by a company in nearby Austin . By 1920, he was working as a drayman in the elevator business. He and Florence were renting a home on Davis Street in Scottsburg that they shared with three of Florence ’s brothers, Herman, George, and Harry Crum. With no children of their own, they adopted Elisha’s nephew, Elisha Mimmel Warren, later Elisha Mimmel Bridgewater. Mimmel’s mother, Eunice May, died in 1921. By 1930, although Elisha and Florence owned a modest home on Main Street , it was the Depression and times were difficult. In addition to taking in boarders, Elisha was working odd jobs; Florence was a seamstress in a shirt factory, and they managed to keep Mimmel in school.

Elisha and Mary Florence are buried in Scottsburg Cemetery .

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The boarders were Fred and Calvin Righthouse, aged 46 and 78 respectively.

Photo(s) courtesy of Michelle (Bridgewater) Knight.

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